The Bouk Management Team

Chris Boukedes, Owner

Chris Boukedes has literally grown up in the hospitality business. His father, a Greek immigrant to the United States, opened up, operated, and managed multiple restaurants from 1945 til his death in 2007.

Born and raised in Charlotte, some of Chris’ earliest memories are of attending school, then off to one of the restaurants learning the hospitality trade from the ground up. Chris began working in the food and beverage industry at age 15 and has performed every restaurant job – from dishwasher to busboy, from line cook to chef, from server to bartender. These diverse experiences gave Chris the foundation to build a strong work ethic with a major focus on customer service in the restaurant and hospitality business.

Chris’ goal is to create a series of restaurants that serve an important niche in the Lake Norman restaurant scene: places with unparalleled food, paired with great local beer and wine selections in a relaxed atmosphere, all at a reasonable price. All of the past experiences have built a strong foundation built on taking care of the customer, while running a successful and profitable business that continues to inspire everyone in involved. Chris resides in Cornelius, NC at Lake Norman with his wife Danielle and two young daughters.

Steve Jordan, Executive Chef

Steve Jordan is a well-seasoned executive Chef, having earned a culinary degree from the prestigious Johnson and Wales University in Charleston, SC. Steve always likes to keep ginger, hot peppers, fois gras, and farm fresh vegetables on hand. Jordan first fell in love with food at a young age while visiting his grandparents’ farms filled with fresh fruits, vegetables and a variety of animals. There, he helped prepare meals by picking vegetables and herbs straight from the garden. Through his early days spent on the farms, he began to appreciate the flavor of good food and learned the importance and satisfaction of the farm to table philosophy. In preparing the eclectic dishes at BOUK Management restaurants, his primary focus is on the catering aspect of the business. Jordan draws from the vast culinary experience he has gained from working in some of the South’s most lauded restaurants and hosting some of the swankiest corporate and private catered events.

Tara Thigpen, Event Coordinator

Tara is a native of Columbia SC and graduate of Clemson University with a BS in Marketing and Communications. After completing her education, Tara set off to travel. Living in Italy, Colorado, the US Virgins and Upstate New York, she finally set roots in Charleston, SC. While working under Chef James Burns as Event Coordinator of one of Charleston’s most lauded catering companies, Tara saw her love of all things culinary put to use in menu creation, development, and event management. Tara worked with many of the South’s most prestigious and sought after wedding planners and designers, creating some of the most high end weddings and events in the region.

After moving to Charlotte to be with her now husband, Kevin, Tara quickly joined the BOUK Management team. Using her extensive food and wine knowledge and organizational skills, Tara has led the catering division in producing some of Charlotte’s largest and most talked about events.

Kathryn Rudisill, Event Coordinator/Marketing Director

Also known as “Kat” has known since her early high school years that she was meant to be in the event industry. Kathryn admits to being the one who insisted that High School Football needed a full-blown tailgate, and that every “spirit” day needed a handmade t-shirt and hundreds of signs. Through her early endeavors of self-appointed event planning, Kathryn realized her passion is helping others make memories; she strives to make that her primary objective in all marketing programs and events.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in Marketing, Kathryn dove right into pursuing her marketing and events career. Kat’s approach to marketing draws from timeless tactics combined with a fresh approach to the ever-growing digital era. Her professional experience has focused primarily around the hospitality industry, concentrating on everything from intimate, private events to promotions to public festivals.

Driven be a passion for bringing people’s visions to life, Kat’s ongoing goal is to exceed her clients’ expectations by easing the stereotypical event stress and helping them create lasting memories. When Kat’s not helping others build their story, she spends her time on one of several ongoing craft projects, enjoying a glass of wine, or relishing outdoors.